How To Choose Timber Sliding Doors and Windows in Australia

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With customers all over Australia, the best prices on offer and a customer service and warranty program that leaves the competition behind, it’s no surprise that Simply Doors and Windows is the country’s one-stop-shop for timber bifold doors and sliding doors. If you’re looking for solid timber doors and windows designed to look great and last a lifetime, contact us today. Read on for more information on what to consider before choosing timber sliding doors for your home. 


The very best timber sliding doors and windows are known for their versatility. This means that they can be fully customised to suit the look of your home by adding glazes, portholes, installing them as full-length bay windows and more. Sliding doors made from cedar are particularly durable which means they can hold up to even the most ambitious designs. 

Energy Efficiency

High-quality timber sliding doors also act as extremely effective insulators. Their insulating and energy saving capacity can be greatly improved by installing insulating glass. When used to make doors and windows, the insulating capabilities of timber help maintain the temperature of the home even in areas that experience large variations between day and night. 

Choose The Right Timber

Not all types of wood are created equal; Timber sliding doors made from quality cedar wood are most likely to last a lifetime. Cedar is rich in aromatic oils which act as a natural pesticide, making it the best option for areas where pests thrive. The resins and oils present in the wood are beautifully preserved when the finish is applied, making the wood look rich and vibrant even after years of exposure to the atmosphere. 

Eco-Friendly Option

Before choosing sliding doors, always ensure that the wood is being sourced for suppliers engaged in responsible logging practices. Sustainable logging companies are committed to creating a logging supply chain that provides customers with high-quality timber without causing long term damage to the environment. 

High-Quality Timber Sliding Doors in Australia

Simply Doors and Windows is a leading supplier of quality cedar wood sliding doors that are versatile, durable and ideal for traditional and modern homes. Not sure where to begin? No problem! Contact our team for quality assistance with every step of your project. Whether you need assistance with design, or solutions for specific problems you’re facing, we’ve got you covered!

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