How To Maintain Your Sliding Windows: Tips and Tricks In NSW

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Whether you have timber sliding doors and windows or aluminium sliding doors in your home, the importance of performing routine maintenance cannot be overstated. Here at Simply Doors and Windows, we’re about more than just supplying you with interior and exterior coverings; our aim is to provide you with the latest designs, unparalleled customer support and professional advice on how to care for your sliding doors and windows. In this blog, we offer tips on how to care for sliding windows so you get the most out of your investment. 

Cleaning Supplies for Sliding Windows

Before you begin cleaning your sliding windows, make sure you have the following cleaning supplies:

  • Soft bristle brush for cleaning dirt and debris from the window frame 
  • Light window cleaning detergent that will not damage wood and aluminium 
  • Microfiber cloth that won’t leave streaks on the glass 
  • Vacuum cleaner with an attachment that can clean between window tracks 

Clean the Window Tracks Regularly

In general dust, debris and grime in the window tracks make it more difficult to operate the windows, it also affects the look and condition of the windows over time. The increased friction in poorly maintained window tracks can lead to structural issues as well as pose a health hazard if left unaddressed. Cleaning the window tracks once a month with a vacuum cleaner followed by light detergent will make sure the window is easy to open and close. 

For timber sliding doors and windows, be sure to use a light soap solution to wipe down the wood, and always ensure that the surface is allowed to dry completely. 

Keep the Window Tracks Lubricated

Aluminium sliding doors and windows benefit greatly from regular lubrication with grease or silicone-based products. Silicon based lubricants are the best option for residential homes because they do not damage the sliding windows. Before lubricating the joints, latches, hinges, and other components, make sure they have been cleaned thoroughly, wiped with a microfiber cloth and allowed to dry completely. 

Hardware Maintenance

Rollers and tracks are the most likely to experience wear and tear. We recommend inspecting locks, handles and other components at least once a month in case parts need to be tightened, repaired, or replaced. 

Aluminium Sliding Doors and Windows in New South Wales

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