Solid timber doors at the lowest prices in Australia

Solid timber doors make a suitable addition to your home both for indoors and outdoors, with both aesthetic and functional advantages.

Our solid timber doors are fitted with glass panels that allow sunlight to stream through your home and create a warm cozy environment.

Solid timber doors come in a range of designs for you to choose from (see respective pages for more information about individual designs):

• Bi-fold doors

• Sliding doors

• French doors

These products are all available for you at Australia’s lowest prices. And what’s more, these low prices do not come at a compromise to quality.

Solid timber doors at the highest of quality

All doors are made from solid red cedar of impeccable quality and craftsmanship, and come with 4/6mm toughened glass.

They are built to last for decades, and will probably never need replacement during your life time.

Installation is easy and straight forward, since doors already come to you pre-manufactured and stained, painted and finished in a golden oak color. This can save you hundreds in installation costs and free up your time for other things.

Interstate delivery is available at the following prices:

Sydney – $150
Brisbane – $360
Melbourne – $390
Adelaide – $440
Perth – $550

If you’d like to make an enquiry about timber doors or explore alternatives, please call us now or visit our showroom.

Our solid red cedar doors and windows are a beautiful way to complete your new home or renovation. Our products are crafted to the highest standards and provide the ultimate convenience for those who want a custom solution without the associated price tag.

You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous, stained timber door, both inside and outside your home. Timber doors in Sydney are a timeless choice. Timber entrance doors are a great idea if you want to complete the façade of your home. The natural beauty of wood speaks volumes but never overpowers other design features.

Internally, timber doors also provide both functional and aesthetic advantages. Fitted with glass panels, they allow light to stream through your home and provide uninterrupted views through your main living areas while still providing the all-important insulation for temperature and noise control. We offer bi-fold, sliding, French, colonial and entrance timber doors.

Timber windows in Sydney homes are a beautiful way to complete a stylish and classic design. Put simply, we offer the most convenient, quality timber windows in Sydney at the most competitive prices.

All of our doors and windows are made from solid red cedar with 4 and 6mm toughened glass. They are stained, painted and finished in a golden oak colour. The doors are pre hung, stained, painted and include all hardware with deadlocks and Italian tri-lever locks. Our windows are made using 4mm toughened glass and are ready to be hung complete with timber fly screens and pre-fitted locks.

All doors and windows come complete, ready to install straight from the box. This makes them not only cheaper than any competitors’ product but also saves you hundreds on installation and final painting costs. As an example, a carpenter can take a whole day to hang a door and the minimum of three coats of paint or stain will take a professional painter several hours to do – this can easily add $600 to $2000 to the entire cost of your new door or window.

If you want the most beautifully constructed and attractive front doors in Sydney and you’re ready to enjoy the classic style of timber windows, we can assist. If you would like to discuss any of our products further, please give us a call or head into our showroom.