Simply Doors and Windows ABN 70 115 246 485, unit 4, 2 Rob Place, Vineyard, NSW 2765. Tel.1300 408 078.  All doors & windows both Timber and  Aluminium should be checked prior to installation, to make sure they are correct, size & type. Incorrect, faulty, or defected doors or windows must not be installed. Simply Doors & Windows takes no responsibility for incorrectly installed doors or windows. Installation constitutes acceptance of goods.  Please ensure someone is on site to check all items prior to installation, it is recommended that the person that selected the goods is on site to confirm all items are correct prior to installation.  The doors & windows must be professionally installed by a registered qualified carpenter or builder, otherwise the warranty will be voided.  The Colonial style windows and doors use 4mm tempered glass. Please note: our Colonial Cedar range is for renovation purposes only.


All our Timber clear glass windows and doors use 6mm tempered glass (other than Colonial), compliant with relevant Australian standards AS1288-2006. The 14mm Double Glazing is 4mm tempered, 6mm cavity, 4mm tempered glass. (Please note that tempered glass can show slight distortions, which is a result of the heating and hardening process tempered safety glass goes through, this is particularly the case in thicker glass). Our Aluminium doors and windows are manufactured to code AS3959. All our windows and doors use Stainless steel hardware which is SUS(304) grade or greater, and Whitco lockable winders where applicable. Locks & latches may vary slightly from shown. Our species of Cedar timber is close grained, tough, and durable and resistant to white ant and insect attack over long periods. However as with all timber, it requires maintenance especially when exposed to the elements (more details below). Most of our timber windows & doors, are fully built and hung in the frame at the factory, some of the Aluminium range requires assembly. As the fully built product are Pre hung in a perfectly square Jig in the factory, some minor adjustments may be required after installation to ensure perfect fit and or operation. Main adjustments will be to hardware, locks, dead bolts, and alignment. Our Timber doors & windows are kiln dried, stained, and finished with a tough Polyurethane top coating at the factory, to protect them from the elements. Further painting or staining can be carried out by the customer, but this must be by a professional painter and the finished Polyurethane surface suitably prepared and primed prior to any painting, otherwise additional coats will not adhere to the surface. Please note that further painting the doors & windows will null and void the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer cannot be responsible for finish after further coatings. Our windows & doors both Cedar & Aluminium are warrantied against structural defects for a term of 24 months from the date of delivery, which includes all hardware (unless the windows and or doors are altered by the customer during or after installation, which will null & void the warranty). The Doors & Windows must be stored in a clean and dry environment prior to installation, otherwise the warranty will be void. All warranty claims must be accompanied by the license number of the installer. All cancellations will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Factory Seconds are sold without Warranty. We use professional furniture carriers to deliver our doors & windows. Whilst customer collection is possible, we strongly recommend using our delivery services. Customer collection is purely at the discretion of the customer and will nullify the warranty.

It is the purchaser’s duty to ensure the correct doors and windows are installed in accordance with relevant building codes and safety standards. Some Doors and Windows may not be suitable for above ground application or into Pool areas. Please enquire if unsure. Installation must be carried out by a qualified installer. Check all doors & windows prior to installation, faulty doors/windows must not be installed. The doors come pre-assembled and should not be dismantled to install. The Bi Fold French doors will have packers in the hinges to make them square, these should not be removed. The doors must be installed the correct way round (French doors open outwards) to be weather tight. It is highly recommended that the windows & doors are re-oiled every 12 months and immediately after installation, with a suitable timber oil, especially if exposed to the elements. All timber is a natural product and will expand and contract slightly when exposed to moisture. Regular maintenance will minimize this. The Doors & Windows are carefully protected with film wrapping and heavy-duty cartons. Care should be taken to not to expose them to building materials such as cement dust as this can damage the finish and coating. Such contamination can void the warranty. Due to the natural colour variation in cedar, we cannot guarantee colour matching of cedar components. Both faces and all four edges of doors & windows must be sealed within one month from the date of delivery with two coats of paint/stain, varnish, polyurethane or oil per manufacturer’s instructions, with particular attention to the surface edges such as top & bottom door/window edges. Exterior doors must be treated with a finish specifically designed for external applications, preferably in light reflective colours. Due to the nature of timber, doors may contain a warp of up to five millimetres across a two-metre length.

Returns Policy:
All returns must be as supplied in the original packaging. The doors & windows come fully built, and any returns should be in the same condition (The product must not be altered in any way or dismantled, any alterations or changes will void the warranty & return policy). Every effort must be taken to return the product in a suitable condition, free from dirt, dust and like contaminates. Only once the product has been returned and checked can any refund be organized. Delivery fees are not refundable, and collection fees may apply. All cancellations will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.