Colonial windows: A classical addition to your home

Colonial windows make for a warm classical addition to any home. For traditional homes they add to the existing decor of your home. For contemporary homes they make for an aesthetic contrast, or they can compliment modern decor as well.

Our colonial windows are of high quality and made of fine red cedar, but this doesn’t mean you pay high prices. In fact, we are able to offer you louvre windows at the cheapest prices in Australia. This is because the sheer volume of sales we make allows us to keep prices low for you to take advantage of.

You also have the option of getting colonial windows in a custom-design, made suit your tastes and the decor or your home.

Colonial windows: No compromise on quality

Despite our low prices, we work hard to ensure you receive products of the highest quality. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, so we offer you the following benefits:

  • Colonial windows that will last you for decades, so you most probably won’t ever need to replace them.
  • Quick, simple installation process that anybody can do – all colonial windows come pre-manufactured and are already stained, painted and finished. All you do is just pop it into place and save hundreds on installation fees.
  • Pre-fitted locks and fly screens are included when applicable.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about colonial windows or explore alternatives, please call us now or visit our showroom.