Our cedar bifold windows are equipped with stainless hardware, including deadlocks, providing you with maximum security and versatility. Leave one ajar for fresh air in your home or open every panel and create an occasional service counter for your business. We provide a range of solid cedar doors and windows to complete your project including; matching 4 panel bifold doors, French doors, sliding doors and can accommodate custom orders.

Custom Bifold Windows Delivered to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Around Australia

Simply Doors & Windows is a proudly Australian company servicing all the major cities. We are based in NSW but make interstate deliveries weekly, so you won’t have to wait long for our high quality, solid cedar bi fold windows to be delivered Australia-wide, including:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Townsville
  • Tasmania

Get in touch with our friendly team for more information on any of our products. Call us on 1300 408 078 for a free quote.

Product Code Size 6mm Single Glazed 14mm Double Glazed
SWBFW1500 1500 x 1000h $949 $1,499
SWBFW1770 1770 x 1000h $1,049 $1,749
SWBFW1800 1800 x 1200h $1,099 $1,799
SWBFW1930 1930 x 1200h $1,149 $1,999
SWBFW2100 2100 x 1200h $1,249 $2,149
SWBFW2400 2400 x 1200h $1,349 $2,249
Product Information
Frame Depth 140mm
Dimensions are exact to the outside of the frame
6mm toughened safety Glass which surpasses the Australian standards code of AS1288-2006
Plantation Solid Red Cedar – No veneer
Pre Stained and Oiled
All Stainless Hardware – with deadlocks
Fully Assembled
Suitable for external and internal use
Additional Information
Height can be increased to 2400h by adding the optional top light
Width can be increased with side awning windows
Retractable Fly Screens available
If these sizes do not suit your installation please enquire about our Custom Orders that can be made to your requriements.
Installation should be carried out by a suitably qualified Builder or Carpenter
Some adjustments to locks & other components may be required after installation
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Product Code Product Description Size Price Colour
SB1500 Servery Bench 1500 x 1000h $299
SB1770 Servery Bench  1770 x 1000h $249
SB1800 Servery Bench  1800 x 1000h $259
SB1930 Servery Bench  1930 x 1000h $279
SB2100 Servery Bench  2100 x 1000h $329
SB2400 Servery Bench  2400 x 1000h $349
SWBFW1500RF Retractable Fly Screen  1500 x 1000h $799 Black/White
SWBFW1500PF Pleated Fly Screen  1500 x 1000h $299 Black/White
SWBFW1770RF Retractable Fly Screen  1770 x 1000h $799 Black/White
SWBFW1770PF Pleated Fly Screen 1770 x 1000h $299 Black/White
SWBFW1800RF Retractable Fly Screen  1800 x 1200h $799 Black/White
SWBFW1800PF Pleated Fly Screen  1800 x 1200h $299 Black/White
SWBFW1930RF Retractable Fly Screen  1930 x 1200h $899 Black/White
SWBFW1930PF Pleated Fly Screen  1930 x 1200h $349 Black/White
SWBFW2100RF Retractable Fly Screen  2100 x 2100h $549 Black/White
SWBFW2100PF Pleated Fly Screen  2100 x 2100h $379 Black/White
SWBFW2400RF Retractable Fly Screen  2400 x 1200h $949 Black/White
SWBFW2400PF Pleated Fly Screen  2400 x 1200h $399 Black/White

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