Product Code Size 6mm Single Glazed 14mm Double Glazed
SWTL2100 2100 x 300hh $399 $679
SWTL2410 2410 x 300h $429 $699
SWTL700 2700 x 300h $499 $799
SWTL2950 2950 x300h $629 $849
SWTL4410 4410 x 300h $729 $1,199

**The 4410 is made up of 2 x 2205w x 300h

Product Information

Frame Depth 140mm
Dimensions are exact to the outside of the frame
6mm toughened safety Glass which surpasses the Australian standards code of AS1288-2006
Plantation Solid Red Cedar – No veneer
Pre Stained and Oiled
Fully Assembled
Suitable for external and internal use